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How do I submit a comment on a story or obituary?

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posted this on November 28, 2012, 14:34

The Billings Gazette uses Facebook's commenting system on all stories throughout and

This will allow comments to appear more quickly, improve the quality of comments and allow comments to be shared more broadly.

Facebook comments are threaded by topic. So responses to a particular comment appear with that comment, as opposed to being intermingled in a straight chronological string of comments.

Associating the comments to a Facebook profile brings more accountability for the comments because they are not anonymous. Other sites have found that this results in more on-topic conversation and less trolling and name-calling.

Facebook has the potential to broaden your message, because comments also will be posted on your individual Facebook page. This will take the discussion outside the walls of our site and allow more people to participate. The system has been easy to use and seamless for most readers.

We expect the quality and readership of our comments will grow, even though the overall number of comments might drop.

Although we are using the Facebook commenting system, we will maintain our standards and guidelines for commenting. We'll continue to have moderators review comments as they are posted.

If you already are logged in to Facebook, you likely won't notice any difference at all as you try to comment on a story. If you are not logged in to Facebook, you will be asked to log in before submitting your comment. You can read comments on the site without a Facebook account.



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Sharon Farwell Turner

Our thoughts and prayers are with Vickie and all the family in the passing of Wilma. No one comprehends the loss that the family feels and the sadness that they are going through. Warm thoughts are reaching out in hopes they will know the comfort we wish you. For years Wilma and I exchanged a card and letter at Christmas time which I very much looked forward to receiving. Sharon Farwell Turner, Duncanville, TX

December 10, 2014, 14:04
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